Oct. 8th, 2008 04:54 pm
telophase: (Near - que?)
...anyone know how to tell the difference between a silk and a silk blend? :D I got the $15 bag o'scraps from Ah! Kimono, which is a store that sells scraps of vintage kimono fabric. You can get bundles of color-similar fabric large enough to do stuff with, or go for the grab bag o'small scraps, which I did, since I only need small amounts of fabric for the kanzashi.

It says they're a mix of silk and silk blends, but I haven't fondled enough silk in my time to be able to really tell which is which. I'm going to try using all of them to see how the different fabric handle, but it'd be nice to know which is which for future kanzashi. :D

Photo of scraps up after I download it from my camera. :)Photo under the cut )

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