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Ya know, I'm reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that hardly any of you see fit to comment to my LJ-by-texting posts* OK YES [ profile] meganbmoore I AM GETTING TO THE POINT however I cannot begin to understand why only ONE of you commented on THIS post about the shirtless, tattooed Renji. ONE OF YOU. [ profile] fmanalyst, so far ONLY YOU have the right to see shirtless tattooed Renji!**

The rest of you must EARN your shirtless, tattooed Renji! Who is NOT a plushie, a drawing, a parody or anything other than a NORMAL COSPLAYER. Or maybe NOT SO NORMAL. This is a shirtless tattooed Renji who IS IN POSSESSION OF A SIX-PACK THAT IS NOT BEER.

HOW MAY I EARN THIS SHIRTLESS TATTOOED RENJI? you may ask. Well, I CHARGE YOU TO GO BACK THROUGH MY A-KON POSTS AND MAKE RELEVANT COMMENTS! RELEVANT! "I'm commenting!" DOESN'T COUNT! Or you can order Project Blue Rose: Human Touch or any of the fine, fine literature on that website. Either way. I am a generous and magnanimous supreme leader of everything, after all.


P.S. Anyone who finds a pic of this tattooed shirtless Renji on another site and posts it here is OFF THE FRIENDSLIST. Because that is NOT FUNNY and NOT PLAYING ALONG.***

* Guys? The entire reason I post to LJ is for the CONVERSATION. Which only happens when people RESPOND. :P

** Who is in possession of a nice six-pack, [ profile] rachelmanija reminds me to post OK I HAVE POSTED IT NOW YOU CAN STOP TELLING ME TO.

*** IN response to [ profile] rachelmanija's "What if someone found a different shirtless tattooed Renji...?" NO RULES LAWYERING!

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