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I did most of my Christmas shopping at Amazon, natch, and threw in a couple of things for myself, since I hate receiving a nice shiny box from Amazon that's full of stuff that's not for me. :) So I have, and just read...

The Antique Gift Shop vol. 6 - We learn a bit more about Bun-Nyuh's mother and why Bun-Nyuh, her mother, and her grandmother are all tangled up in some sort of supernatural web. The majority of the volume is then dedicated to a longer story which starts with Bun-Nyuh wearing a disguise for her first visit to a gynaecologist, which she's horribly embarrassed about especially since it seems that women possessed by spirits don't menstruate, and she never has. If you know about her aversion to her shamanic heritage, you can see why this is a serious trigger for her. :) She wears an old pair of glasses supplied by Mr Yang, which seem to be showing her a world that's not quite the same one as everyone else is seeing, and may perhaps help her find a key to the mysteries of her family. The volume rounds off with a short story about Guatemalan worry dolls, whose job is to take their owners' worries elsewhere. The only sour note there is that the Guatemalans who show up in a couple of scenes explaining the worry dolls are drawn as buckskin-wearing, tepee-living Plains Indians.

Aria volume 4 - Much the same as Aria 1-3, which means lots of landscape porn, Akari learning more about and falling more in love with her new homeworld, and the three journeyman undines having to live up to a challenge from their elders - can they plan and execute the perfect dinner on a barge for Redentore?

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