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If you're into science and skepticism like I am, you may be interested to know that a pilot for a proposed new series called The Skeptologists has been shot and is about to start the process of being shopped around to producers.

What they're asking for is support from people who'd watch such a show - one that critically examines topics like paranormal investigation, health fads, and the like. They'd like a huge stack of email they can take into meetings with producers and place on the table to say: here's a huge chunk of people who want to watch this show. You can get the email address to send it to on the official The Skeptologists website.

The official bios of the cast can be found on The Rogues' Gallery. It stars Dr. Phil Plait, Dr. Michael Shermer, Yau-Man Chan*, Dr. Kirsten Sanford, Mark Edward, and Dr. Steven Novella.

There's a Facebook page and a 19-second teaser trailer.

* Yes, the guy from Survivor: Fiji.

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