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....I am posting from Jamaica. Or at least about three feet offshore of Jamaica. We should be weighing anchor and departing like ANY SECOND NOW. I went on the Overland and Black River tour, which means we packed into a small bus and drove for 1.5 hours to the Black River and went on an hour and a half boat ride and got to see crocodiles.

Tomorrow: Grand Cayman, with swimming with stingrays and going to the turtle farm. Turtles!

I didn't do any shopping in Montego Bay outside of the port terminal becausde the heat and sun and not enough water combined to give me a migraine, so after tour I stopped in the gift shops to pick out some stocking stuffers for my mom for Christmas, then went back to my cabin, took Relpax, and zoned. I'm still really sleepy - the combined effects of overheat, the motion-sickness patch* and the Relpax have exhausted me. Early night tonight, I predict.

* A most excellent choice, I must say. There is still gentle movement on the ship that would have had me clutching my head and staying in bed for three days begging it to STOOOOOOP. But not now. Walking around makes you feel vaguely drunk, because the floor is always a fraction of an inch higher or lower than you're expecting, and the swaying movement of the ship causes you to list to one side or the other. I would have been so damn sick without the patch that I am an utter covnert.

Plus, an unexpected side effect is that I can now eat a large, heavy breakfast without feeling like I'm going to throw up for the next two hours.


Oct. 29th, 2006 11:28 pm
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I am on a SHIP in the SEA and on the INTERNET.

I LOVE living in the future.

Although it's expensive, so I'm going to get off now.


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