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OK, here's something silly that I think about occasionally (and may have posted something similar once before, but if I did, what the hell, it was a long time ago in another country and besides the wench is dead), usually when I'm driving home from work and my mind is wandering this is only one of the many weird things that occur to me when driving.

The second story arc of Yu Yu Hakusho deals with this big tournament held in Demon World. Sponsors field teams of five fighters plus a trainer, and they fight it out in a big arena packed with spectators. The winners get to ask the sponsors of the tournament itself for some wish or item or whatever. That doesn't matter for the purposes of this. At any rate, I usually start thinking about a multifandom crossover getting involved with the Dark Tournament and start trying to put a decent team together in my mind. I've never quite come up with one I like, and I figured I'd set it out here and ask you guys.
But of course there are some rules and limitations here )


Feb. 14th, 2006 09:06 am
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Got a Valentine's Day card from everyone's favorite cranky monk, Sanzo. Why do I picture Hakkai standing over him, wielding a smile like a whip and making him do it? XD

It also included a candy necklace Goku's contribution, hmm? and a Valentine's Day scratch-off lottery card, where you scratch off something from each of three rows to reveal what you get, where you get it, and when. My reward is breakfast, my choice in bed, next week.

And at work today a memory stick turned up on my desk. Ok, it wasn't really for Valentine's Day, but from a coworker who remembered me talking about requesting more memory for my computer and who had some extra lying about her office, but it was still nice of her, since I'd forgotten about the conversation.

Thank you, [ profile] cicer, unless I've horribly misremembered who was sending them and now insulted two people...

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