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So, you plant people: suggestions! I have a nice, deep balcony with a southern exposure. It doesn't get full sun. I am in another Plant Mood and am thinking about getting some plants out there. I need stuff that thrives on benign neglect, heat and humidity, and not full sun. As I want to actually sit out on my balcony at times, I'm not interested in stuff that attracts bees. :)

I'm actually thinking of trying some herbs and vegetables that work in containers, but am not sure what. I like home-grown tomatoes, so provided I manage to keep the birds off them, that might be an option. I dislike all squash, so that's not an option. (I wish I didn't hate it, because there's so much of it, and so many recipes!)

Actually, the balcony is deep enough that I can put some plants towards the railing, and they'll get full sun for part of the day.

I do love roses, despite being a cynical, black-hearted little wench, and may indulge in an order or two from the Antique Rose Emporium here in Texas. They're usually hardier than your normal run of roses, since the Emporium gets a lot of their cultivars from local graveyards and places where they've been growing feral for decades. (I've missed the ordering deadline for this season, but I can make one in September.)

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