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...does anyone here have access to a couple of back issues of The Comics Journal? I'm trying to interlibrary loan a couple of articles from it, and I need some info that the TCJ website is refusing to give me.

TCJ # 256 - interview with Keiji Nakawaza found!
TCJ #273 - interview with Junko Mizuno found!

For each of these, I need:
* the month/year listed on the journal (if there is one - at least the year would help)
* the page numbers of the interview
* the actual title of the interview
* the author(s) credited

The ones in bold are the information I *have* to have - the rest is helpful but not essential.

#%(*#($)# automatic forms with required fields that won't let you get away with not putting anything in
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Can someone here who reads Japanese go to the ComicStudio website and see if there is either a manual or a FAQ about ComicStudio EX 2.0?
Here's why... )

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