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Yes! It's time for yet another Welcome and Who the Heck Are Ya? post! I seem to have gathered another round of people who inexplicably like reading the vast amounts of piffle I produce, so I figured I'd post and say hello and invite you to say hello back, if you want, and let me know how you found this place. :) As well as my periodic disclaimer of why I don't automatically friend people back the way I used to: I read over 200 LJs right now and even with my vast talents for procrastination, some days it's hard to keep up, so I've drastically cut back my friending. And I don't get hurt if you defriend me and wander on, either.

And if you don't feel like talking about that, here's another topic: last night I dreamed Sephiroth and I were providing security for Queen Elizabeth I. Discuss.

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