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I typoed Sanzo's name as 'Snazo' in a comment here yesterday, and thanks to the various comments and the Powah of the Intarwebs, we now have this gag strip by [ profile] the_z.

Hey, I laughed. :)


Oct. 25th, 2006 03:08 pm
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The network just came back up again, so I can get back to work, but look at what on of my LJ friends jsut posted - a link to the Texas Library Association's Men of TLA Calendar.

What makes it so amusing? The gentleman with the saxophone is my coworker and sits five feet from me. :) I had no idea this calendar was in the works. I may have to give him hell for it. XD
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... a Sesshoumaru cosplay. In his dog form.

I have no Sesshoumaru icons! *weeps*


Apr. 3rd, 2006 11:51 pm
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So I'm currently mildly addicted to this automatically-generated daily Chinese horoscope, not in least because my birth year, instead of being Rooster, or even Cock, is translated as Chicken.

And it has this lovely really untranslatable chart:
HourDay [ You ]MonthYear
Male Wood Male EarthMale FireFemale Earth
Green RatBrown TigerRed RatBrown Chicken

You are Brown Tiger, born in the year of Brown Chicken. The upper character in DAY column represents the person. So you are equivalent to Male Earth. The symbols in the upper row of birth chart are called Heavenly Stems. The animals in the lower row in are called Earthly Branches.

Anyway, it claimed that today I'd get money, and woo - a friend just sent me some he owed me. But Tuesday's prediction is a thing of beauty, because although it says money will go out, it also says:
Pig and Tiger have an attraction relationship and appear in your birth chart and cycle. When they are together, the hint of your fortune is "Money goes, then career comes." This relationship is to do with your career. You might have to invest some money on your career on this day. Or you need to hire people to take care of some trouble.

I am ALL ABOUT any horoscope that tells me I might have to hire "people" to "take care" of "trouble."


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