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...of people on my friendslist coming down with back problems. If you haven't been following my LJ long (and even if you ahve), you probably don't know that I recently spent almost two years in serious pain because I pulled a ligament in my back hauling heavy luggage up and down stairs during a trip in England, and three months later graduated, had no job, and therefore had no health insurance and so went without treatment for a long time. I eventually got employed and treated and my back, while not at the level it was before I injured it, is significantly better. It's got its bad times (like this past week and a half, started due to sleeping on a hotel mattress the weekend of the 17th), but I can actually do things like stand up for ten minutes at a time without crippling myself for the next 24 hours.

Anyway, this random collection of advice from a non-doctor goes out to all of you who have been having back problems. Feel free to add any advice you may have.

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A Christmas-themed post will probably show up later tonight or tomorrow.

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