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telophase ([personal profile] telophase) wrote2017-01-03 12:57 pm

I have cleaned ALL THE THINGS

Well, not "cleaned" so much as "defuckingcluttered" and not "all the things" so much as my office, the media room, and a couple of really sad corners in our master bedroom that had been piling up for a number of months.

For months I'd just been piling "things that go in my office" on the table in there, plus on the floor in front of it when the piles got so tall they were threatening the cats, and had been sick of it. December 31st, I decided that if I cleaned up all the places in the house that need cleaning, I could relax and read books without guilt until I had to go back to work on Jan 3rd.

Naturally, I then went into a 3-day-long decluttering binge and read absolutely zero books. At least the house looks the best it has since we moved in?

(I also need to declutter the hell out of my office closet and the master closet. But at least the visible parts of the house look pretty damn good.)
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Go you!

I find I start "accumulating" when I get ambiguous-destination things, like cables there isn't a drawer for or papers for which I don't yet have a properly-labeled folder (put them in the wrong one and they get lost!). Then a stack starts...
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Whooo, congratulations! I need to go on this sort of spree myself.