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Hrm. So I'm technically Clan Fraser on my mother's side, given that my maternal grandfather was a member of Clan Fraser. And the hero of Outlander is a Fraser. Which means that the Outlander collection from Torrid landed in my inbox this morning and I'm mostly annoyed that they're using the wrong damn tartan.

(I'd get a "Je suis prest" shirt except that I hate the shape of the one that they're selling.)
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Ah, a whole bunch of clothes that would look better on my mom than me (and she's the actual Outlander fan) but that she would never wear.

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Is the show using the right tartan?

The Torrid one looks like some hunting variant.

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If I can believe this article (, the show is attempting to be as authentic with the tartans as possible, to what they would be wearing in 1743, with the dyes available to them at the time, so much more muted variants of the modern ones.

There are three hunting tartans on Clan Fraser's website. None of them are remotely like the one Torrid is using, which is simplified.

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Now browsing through limitations of use possibilities in tartans. A creator can copyright a new one. They cannot copyright a traditional one.

I suspect Torrid wanted to copyright their designs all the way.

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I think I just figured out someone's Christmas present. :D


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Glad someone is getting something good out of it! :)