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Argh, yesterday was one of those days where a horde of tiny little things go wrong just enough to annoy, anger, or frustrate me, but not be, in each of themselves, enough to be terrible. It culminated in my graphics tablet, which has been behaving wonkily for months now, going bad enough that I said the hell with it and ragequit the piece of art I was doing and bought a new tablet from Amazon that, at least, had free one-day shipping. And I went ahead and walked back on my principles because, dammit, although they have the customer service from hell, they make the best tablets. So that was yet another source of frustration.

And all that means that my head is doing twingey things at me because tension headaches are one of my big migraine triggers, so I'm not sure if I'm going to have to leave work and go take meds or not. Bah.
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*support support* Sorry to hear. Hope the new tablet is good to you!
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Yeah, I don't blame you; I remember you writing about the truly atrocious customer service That Company gave you with the Cintiq incident. I've been very pleased with the performance of my Wacom tablet, but I wouldn't want to have to deal with them if something went wrong!
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You haven't had that tablet very long, and it's failing on you already! No warranty?
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I'm sorry, minding your business there. It did seem possible that Cintiq would find another way to waste your time.

I hope you get more cover work. I have seen some truly regrettable ebook covers lately, from pro publishers who presumably have money. YOURS IS BETTER.