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So apparently I have curly hair now...

So apparently I have curly hair now. Forty-odd years of stick-straight hair (though permed to hell in the 80s and early 90s), and now this. Who knew?

I noticed that a wave pattern was showing up after my recent haircut, and this is what it looked like this morning after styling according to advice in the book Curly Girl. Strained expression due to trying to hold an iPad up and take a photo that showed the curl without dropping the iPad.
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This can be a side effect of a hormone level change.

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Wow, that's a change! It looks nice.

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Thanks! :D

My hair is still very, very fine and the curl can pull out pretty easily, but Curly Girl has some ideas for products and techniques that I'm going to try over the short run, and I'll ask my stylist to cut something that emphasizes the movement in it next time I get it cut.

It's just really bizarre that last week I had straight hair* and this week I don't.

* well, I did blow it dry with a brush!

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Pretty hair, but I really love that expression!

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Thanks! XD

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That happened to both my mom and me (our whole family has stick-straight hair, and so did we) in 2001. I have no idea why it kicked in with both of us at the exact same time, since no environmental factors changed. We woke up one day and went, "Wait . . . why do we all of a sudden have curly hair?"
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Nice though! When I was hella sick my hair started growing in darker. Now I've got mud brown natually though I still dye it back red or put Sun-In in to let it do it itself. I think of Howl with it XD