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Just got up, and after I throw all the art in a suitcase and whatnot, I shall be heading off to AnimeFest. And because I just wouldn't be me without soemthing to worry about, I'm now worrying about my current con plan - day-trip Friday and stay over Saturday and Sunday nights - what with the 25,000 refugees which are supposed to show up next door on Saturday. So I'm planning on packing a bag for the full con and having it in the car and seeing if I find someone or if it's possible to get a room for Friday night, if it looks like parking is going to be hellish. And coming in as early as possible Saturday if not.

And this will possibly cut down the day-trippers to the con. Hm. Note to self: when on con staff, if major evacuation results in people being housed next door to con, try to at least mention it on the con's webpage, to reassure people that you're aware of the situation, hmmm?

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