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Not that you guys were aware I had a Zazzle shop*, but I moved my "part of the problem" T-shirt over to Printfection. Feast your eyes on a kabillion different shirts with that phrase on them. Sorry about the prices, but I've got them set so I'm getting a whopping $4 profit on each shirt, mostly because I don't actually expect to sell any. :) If you poke around, you can find somewhat more reasonably priced ones in the morass of shirts on the site. (I need to edit them but frankly, I don't ahve teh time at the moment :D).

I may need to make a "306.7 DO ME DEWEY" shirt for there.

* I sold one T-shirt and 2 buttons in the past 4 years! I ahve $8.72 sitting in their coffers, but they won't pay me until I have $50 sitting in their coffers. Bah. Printfection does it at $25, which is probably equally unattainable. Maybe I could put old non-fanart prints of mine on T-shirts?

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