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[I'm reprinting [ profile] puppleball's reply here in case people don't see it in the comments of the previous post about her kids making it to the Science Olympiad.]


Thank you to everyone whose willing to send money for my kids (oh and it spans 6th-8th grade plus one returning 9th grader who after this year will be attempting to start a High School team so he can continue competing). We have 4 weeks to competition tempered by the TAKS test a week before, so they lose that week to get ready.

I don't have a paypal account, so I will be taking telophase up on her offer to use hers. Checks are also good and info for those is as follows:
cut for school's address and my Paypal info )

Thank you everyone for anything you can give. We try to pay full expenses for the kids. They're a good group of kids and many are not in a good situation.

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