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...all to say, I think, that it's situational.

[This is a reply in response to a post by [ profile] vito_excalibur wondering how useful/required/needed perfect English skills were in job hunting now, especially as in her industry there are a lot of people for whom English is not their native language and they don't hold internal correspondence and project papers to the same level. It got way too long and rambly, so I moved it over here.]

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After gettign almost no work done yesterday due to an inability to focus*, and spending most of today much the same way**, it FINALLY occurred to me, after my head started to hurt a bit more, that this was probably the precursor to a migraine. Plan for tonight: Advil, exercise, go out and buy caffeine so that doesn't contribute, buy dinner (no processed wheat since it seems to be a trigger for me), and spend tonight not looking at screens, since that makes migraines worse for me. I've got plenty of unread books...although my attention span hasn't been long enough to permit me to read more than a few pages of a book in days.

So, not that great an evening, but it's dedicated to averting migraine, so in the long run it should be good.

* Well, I did manage to clean up my studio/workspace area by putting podcasts on the iPod and listening while cleaning, but it unfortunately counts as procrastination and not actual work. OTOH, once I regain focus, the clean area should help.

** Only watching The Sarah Jane Adventures instead of cleaning.

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