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What caused me to mention our conversation of a few weeks ago to [ profile] rachelmanija that resulted in her question and my question was coming across the radio show Radio Lab on the way down to Houston. I managed to catch about 3/4 of the show Who Am I?, all about the perception of the self.

The neurologist Paul Broks was featured and his book of essays Into the Silent Land: Travels in Neuropsychology mentioned. I ordered it from Amazon before I thought to check the library, woe!, but am currently reading the library's copy. I like this bit, where he talks about how the self is a story, how we are narrative constructs. The context is after he's just discussed a young woman whose brain's left half was anesthetized to evaluate the function of her right brain, and how her behavior and speech was different when her damaged right brain was dominant than when her healthy left brain was.Read more... )

and now who's going to make me a nifty icon with "It is not so much a question of us telling the story as the story telling us." on it?
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I've been thinking about making a post similar to this for some time, after a conversation [ profile] rachelmanija and I had a while back. Now she's done it, so I don't have to. Except that I ended up doing so anyway, with a slightly different take on the subject.

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