telophase: (Near - que?)
...that I mentioned back here. I think I've figured out a sort of good overall things-happening-behind-the-scenes, which explains why stuff is happening to the protags that they don't know, and why creatures from the heavens or whatnot would be interested in them. Not that I'm telling you because I do know that if I tell too much, the story vanishes; I'm just making a note here to remind myself.

As a vaguely-related aside, if your world has the typical sort of reincarnation where what you're born as depends on your merit/karma from the previous life, what would be a sort of animal that would be a good stop right before being born as a human, but which is still vaguely embarrassing to be born as? Maybe a duck. Ducks are always funny. It just sounds like a good setup for a joke. :D

I'm rambling way more than usual. I need to go the hell to bed.

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