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I need a quick, very short fic of some ilk to turn into a madlib ... I've written a very basic PHP script that can take input and sling it into a madlib, but God forbid I write one myself. (This is pretty much a ref-desk-time project; something to do when I'm here for an hour or so and need something to occupy myself with.)

It won't save the final madlibs, because that would require a wee bit more coding, but it doesn't need to. Ideally I could get several, and then people would get to pick the fandom they want to make a madlib in. XD

Anyway, short = more than a drabble, but not more than a screen or two of text. Doesn't have to be good. That's not the point. And preferably not porn, since I'm putting this on the Panda Buddha site. :D

My test script It only does one word, but that's the basic function.

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