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This isn't about a broken script, as I've been able to get it to work. It's about a weird (to me) occurrence in an incrementing variable.

ETA: Solved! It's counting all the divs in the page. Headdesk time!

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So I'm attempting to use Javascript to make a dynamic feedback form that, when someone chooses a name from a drop-down menu, the questions below change (i.e., it's an evaluation form and each teacher has their own questions to get feedback from).

Ideally I'd like the questions, and associated HTML, to be in separate files for ease of editing. But I can't find any way at all to make them be included in the correct position. I'm currently looking at the innerHTML object, which seems great for posting one line, but when you want to post a huge bunch of lines or attempt to include a file, it's not as good.

Anyone out there with suggestions? This has been frustrating the hell out of me all day.

ETA; We are an ASP shop, BTW. And here's the function I've been working on: Read more... )

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