Dec. 30th, 2008 09:19 pm
telophase: (l - damn i'm cute)
Have a book coming out next year? Take a gander at the sponsorship program the library webcomic Unshelved is planning, if you want exposure to a lot of librarians.

(As an aside: this serves as notice that none of you need to alert me to this library webcomic Unshelved, because not only have I read it since it was titled Overdue, but my coworkers forward strips CONSTANTLY to me and each other. Something to keep in mind if you're an author, actually...)

I've got notice of a second cool thing (see previous post for vague first cool thing hints) to be appearing soon. Eeeee! This one has been in the works for some time, and SOME OF YOU OUT THERE will ... well, let's just stop right there, shall we? :)

P.S. Have received AppleTV and books for Christmas and birthday. Plan on sitting here listening to music and reading and doing NOTHING ELSE for next few days. Posting might actually be slow. :D (mostly because the two things I most want to talk about ... I can't yet. Hee!)

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