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Link to YouTube if the video isn't embedding properly.

A boring 15-minute video I made to test my GoPro and iMovie. It's just birds on the feeder and the cat watching them--if you need to chill out and watch birds it's great for that.

If you just want the highlights reel, there's a moment of action at 7:30 as Sora jumps onto the windowsill and scares some birds, then he starts sniffing the camera about 8:00. Be sure to stop it before then if you think your heart can't handle the excitement. What I think is our female cardinal, Hera, flies down about 7:00. Around 12:40, you can catch a glimpse of a house finch stuffing sunflower seeds down the gullet of one of its young on the feeder on the right, and at 13:00 they fly up to the fence and the almost-grown chick continues begging.

Wildlife seen: house finches, white-winged doves, cardinal, house cat (inside).

I'm working on how to export it in HD because of course I am. I made some more video this afternoon that features a squirrel climbing down the pole and grabbing seed from the feeder on the right. I bet you can't wait.


May. 25th, 2013 12:14 pm
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Bought a GoPro camera this week, because I WANTED ONE and not because I had any need for one. We are both highly impressed at what this thing can do. It uses a 64G microSD card, and will also shoot at 1080p. So you get 3.5 hours of hi-def video onto a card THE SIZE OF MY THUMBNAIL. Actually, slightly smaller than the size of my thumbnail.

The limiting factor is battery life: I set the camera on the windowsill to film the bird feeders while we went to theg rocery store and breakfast, and the battery died after a bit over an hour of that. XD If I count the time earlier this week I spent messing about with it, it will probably film for about 1.5 hours before crapping out. You can get a separate battery pack that will just about double that length.

I plan on doing minimal editing (mostly to remove the boobtacular shot as I set the camera up at the very first--I'd be tempted to leave it in, but it's also extremely unflattering of my face and head XD), then uploading the results to YouTube so you can have an hour of bird- and cat-watching if you need to just chill.

The finch babies are out and pestering their parents, by the way. I can hear one going FEEDMEFEEDMEFEEDMEFEEDME from my office as I type this right now. With luck I've got at least one doing that on video. :)

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