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Hm. Both gmail and Google seem to have been down for the past 15-20 minutes. Hope they get things working soon. At any rate, all my LJ notifications go to my gmail address, so you can mess about here in my backyard as much as you want and I won't know until it's too late and you've made your escape. XD

I can't possibly imagine that there's anything anyone has to say that requires an immediate answer, but FYI in general and for the future, mail sent to any address that ends in "" will get to me - I own the domain (gosh, really? you'd never have guessed!)and it's set up to forward all email to my officiamal non-gmail email address. So have fun and be creative. Mind that it ends in the "net" - "com" is owned by some telecommunications company. :D

edit: Ah, it seems to be a local problem with the campus' connection - my boss says that he can get to Google using our laptop with the test DSL connection. Hm. At any rate, I still won't get notifications, so if you wish to mess about in this entry I'll never know. (Whee! Party over in [ profile] telophase's LJ!)

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