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Most of us have, at one point or another, ridden a subway car with, been in the same restaurant as, passed in the street, or had some sort of passing encounter with some sort of celebrity. For whatever reason, I love hearing these stories. Tell me yours!

Define "celebrity" however you want. It's more about the stories than the definition of celebrity - if it's a scientist or sports figure or someone nobody's ever heard of that makes you squee, it counts. If it's someone you really don't like but who is notorious, that counts too. XD

Yeah, yeah, "greatness" is tongue-in-cheek, ripped off from a radio show about ten years ago I heard soliciting these stories. XD

As for me: I once sold a museum ticket to Randy Quaid. Didn't realize it was him, until the girl who was taking the tickets at the door came back to tell me - she said that he and his family came up to the door, and the security guard said "Hey, man, anyone ever tell you you look a lot like Randy Quaid?" His family dissolved into laughter and Quaid said that he was, in fact, Randy Quaid. The security guard didn't believe him and made Quaid show him his drivers license. XD

And while con stories tend not to be that big a deal, because those of us who attend and run cons end up running into writers and artists and actors that we like on a more frequent basis than non-congoing people do, there's the occasional squee! moment. I once picked up Terry Pratchett from the airport in Houston and drove him to College Station for a con. As was natural for someone just getting off a transatlantic flight, he was very quiet and I think fell asleep.

And along the lines of people-who-make-you-feel-slimed, when I was in Denver I once walked into a bookstore and ran right into one of the lawyers from the OJ trial, who was setting up a bunch of copies of a book that he'd written. I think he was in town and was doing the publicity thing, running from bookstore to bookstore to sign copies. He advanced on me with a smile and an extended hand, and I looked at him in a confused manner and escaped to the SF section, because I didn't recognize him. After he left, I went by the stand of books to figure out who he was, and immediately felt slimed.

This post prompted by someone on my friendslist having a BwG today, but I'll let her tell it if she wishes. :D

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