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Girl posts to DA forums asking if her art is bad. Art, at least the first few pictures, consists of photographs she's taken from or other places, placed happy faces on elements in the pictures, and failed to remove the watermark from. And, by the way, attempting to sell as prints.*

When I post pointing out that has a Creative Commons license allowing no commercial use and no alteration of the work and that she needs to file permission with DA from the photographer to sell works based on his photographs, she hurriedly crops out the watermarks and slaps ugly signatures on them, resubmits the pieces under Fan Art, and replies to me with the most gosh-darn-innocent "Who?" that you've ever seen.

Your ass has been reported, hon.

(Oh, I like the assertion later in the thread that the cactus picture - round cactus in an outdoor bed with gravel - is her cactus from her room. XD)

ETA: Haaah! I am So Damn Tempted to ask her, in the thread, what the lighting setup she used in the picture of the candy was. XD She says she just used her mom's digital camera.

* If someone had ordered one, it wouldn't have gone through as DA checks all prints for resolution and copyright, and even if the copyright has been missed, the resolution wouldn't be high enough for print. But the intent irritated the hell out of me.

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