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Mar. 30th, 2017 12:11 pm
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I have an AMA (Ask Me Anything) today over at r/Fantasy here--please come say hi! I'll be back to answer questions over there around 7 p.m. CST today.
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TBD is three years and eleven months old, also known as "almost four" and "cannot wait to turn four."

This is suddenly a hefty child -- one not so easily tossed onto the bed. Or carried in arms for longer distances.

Achievements unlocked this last month: counting to forty-ten (and higher two-digit numbers with occasional assists with the names of the tens), trolling with science, more strategies for managing disappointment even with low emotional resources.

Shortly after the last update, during alphabet drill, TBD confused K and Q -- first sign of phonological association. There's also been some M/N and I/Y confusion. Most capital letters are recognized now except N (often called Z) and V (often U or Y). A couple all-cap words are recognized, including STOP and TAXI, even out of usual contexts. Lowercase letters are still very iffy -- we've all tacitly agreed to get uppercase down more solid before returning to that complication.

Career aspirations have returned to bus driver or tow-truck driver -- that astronauts have to be brave is a source of ambivalence.

Recent obsessive reading includes the Princess in Black series, Richard Scarry, Curious George tie-ins, and books about nature and the planets. I have had to memorize the names of all currently active space probes robot explorers (plus as many as I can of those that have crashed or had their batteries die) for daily recital, often at bedtime. I tend to fudge the ones orbiting Mars because six is a lot to keep straight. Of most interest are Opportunity, New Horizons, and Voyager 2 (who is traveling through outer space calling out "I am a robot").

Bedtime storytelling has gotten interesting again: TBD chooses a couple elements, usually the animal main characters and sometimes a premise or an event, and the parent on point has to spin out something. Those that reflect an anxiety, or recapitulate/anticipate a daily-life event, are appreciated, but not wanted all the time.

Talking, talking, I didn't get down much -- a week of flying solo while Janni was at a conference reduced my note-taking ability:

Janni: "I'll love you forever ever ever."
TBD: "Never never ever."
"Forever and ever."
"But you can't forever, because I will die."

(a few minutes after asking whether Saturn and Mars are hot)
TBD: "Is Mercury the hottest?"
Me: "It is."
(sly look) "It's the Sun."
(trolling with science!) (and anyway, I was wrong: Venus is hotter)

"How do cars work? How does EVERYTHING work?"
(while failing to wind down for bedtime)

TBD: "Maybe you could walk and I run."
Janni: "But then you'll always win."
"That's okay."
(said as if consoling Mommy over always losing)

"I want shoulders all over my body."

*holds up an Ariel-branded toy* "Is she part of the Princess Team that has Elsa?"

I got the impression the Princess Team is considered a unit much like the Avengers. Which is not actually wrong.


Subject quote from "The High Road," Broken Bells.

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Mar. 30th, 2017 08:08 am
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Signed up for my third stair climb of the season yesterday. This one's for Wediko School, which is a New England school for kids with mental health and emotional issues. I backed them last year after I found out about them during a stretch of jury duty, and I haven't been able to find anything bad about them, unlike a lot of other places that claim to be working for kids with issues. These guys actually seem to help. So I'll be doing 46 floors on May 7th to raise money for them, if anyone's interested.

... sorry, that wasn't my best post ever, but I'm tired this morning and my coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

Con or Bust-ery

Mar. 30th, 2017 08:03 am
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News from the Con or Bust end of things:

1) Auction accepting offers now through April 23; bidding April 24 through May 7.

2) Sign up for the newsletter, which includes fandom news as well as Con or Bust stuff!

3) Read the annual report for 2016 and the board meeting minutes, which include my announcement that I am strongly considering not running for re-election to the Board in spring 2019 (ten! years!) and the Board's agreement that regardless, we should identify and encourage new candidates for the Board next year (and/or people who could start volunteering this year!), to bring new perspectives and to keep improving Con or Bust’s stability as an institution, not just my personal project.

I think that's all for now. *whooshes away*

Daily Happiness

Mar. 30th, 2017 02:49 am
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1. Busy day, but I got everything done that urgently needed to be done, so tomorrow I can just enjoy my day off!

2. Next Tuesday I have another concert to go to but also the big giant yearly evaluation meeting where all the store managers have to give their pitches to the president for people's raises was moved to that day, so I was worried I might not get out in time, but today there was an email that made it sound like we could go home after our store was done, so I double checked and they confirmed it, and my store is one of the first ones in the morning, so not only will I have plenty of time for the concert, but I can do the ordering and stuff I usually do Wednesday, and then not have to go in on Thursday (which I thought I might have to do because I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday in Irvine and it's also Carla's birthday so I was planning on taking the day off so we could go to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants that's down by the doctor's office). So I'm pretty happy about all that. (And just in general happy about not having to sit through a day-long meeting.)

3. I played some more Zelda tonight. I keep meaning to play at least a little every day, but somehow there never seems to be time. I need to work on just playing a little bit at a time, but I always feel like if I'm going to play, I want to play a lot, and then end up not doing it at all. But tonight I went up the cliffs outside of Zora's domain to get the shock arrows and a photo of the Lynel (and maybe try and fight him, but he blasted me while I was taking a photo so I just ran, lol). And then I ended up going to a nearby shrine instead and then from there to a great fairy fountain, so I got my clothes upgraded a bit (though I'm missing some ingredients). Then I went down south and opened up the Lake Tower (I plan on catching some fish in Hyrule Lake while I'm there, since that's what I need to upgrade my Zora gear). Tomorrow I probably will attempt the first divine beast, though.

4. Today is Chloe and Molly's birthday and they're a big grown up two years old! (And Jasper is five months! When did these kitties get so big!?)

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I've been giving some thought to titles for the different volumes, and what motifs might be suitable for a cover design along with a fan. Here are some preliminary suggestions:

Volume 1: The Comfortable Courtesan. Being MEMOIRS by Clorinda Cathcart (that has been a Lady of the Demi-Monde these several years)
Cover: fan + wombatt

Volume 2: The Comfortable Courtesan: Exile from Town. Being MEMOIRS by Clorinda Cathcart (that has been a Lady of the Demi-Monde these several years)
Cover: fan + quill in inkpot

Volume 3: The Comfortable Courtesan : A Change of Station. Being MEMOIRS by Clorinda Cathcart (that was a Lady of the Demi Monde for some several years, and is now elevat’d to aristocratick rank)
Cover: fan + coronet

Volume 4: The Comfortable Courtesan: Storming Society. Being MEMOIRS by Clorinda Cathcart (that was a Lady of the Demi Monde for some several years, and is now elevat’d to aristocratick rank)
Cover: fan + domino mask

Volume 5: The Comfortable Courtesan: A Drama of Rival Mistresses. Being MEMOIRS by Clorinda Cathcart (that was a Lady of the Demi Monde for some several years, and is now elevat’d to aristocratick rank)
Cover: fan + cello

Volume 6: The Comfortable Courtesan: Domestic Disruptions. Being MEMOIRS by Clorinda Cathcart (that was a Lady of the Demi Monde for some several years, and is now elevat’d to aristocratick rank)
Cover: fan + horse*

Volume 7: The Comfortable Courtesan: A Favourite in Society. Being MEMOIRS by Clorinda Cathcart (that was a Lady of the Demi Monde for some several years, and is now elevat’d to aristocratick rank)
Cover: fan + swan

Volume 8: The Comfortable Courtesan: A Death at a House Party. Being MEMOIRS by Clorinda Cathcart (that was a Lady of the Demi Monde for some several years, and is now elevat’d to aristocratick rank)
Cover: fan + hatpin

Volume 9: The Comfortable Courtesan: Romantic Stratagems. Being MEMOIRS by Clorinda Cathcart (that was a Lady of the Demi Monde for some several years, and is now elevat’d to aristocratick rank)
Cover: fan + lace and bobbins

Volume 10: The Comfortable Courtesan: An Honourable Estate. Being MEMOIRS by Clorinda Cathcart (that was a Lady of the Demi Monde for some several years, and is now elevat’d to aristocratick rank)
Cover: fan + mongoose

Volume 11: The Comfortable Courtesan: A Deal of Visits. Being MEMOIRS by Clorinda Cathcart (that was a Lady of the Demi Monde for some several years, and is now elevat’d to aristocratick rank)
Cover: fan + pistol

Your opinions are solicited.

*I did think maybe just a riding crop, but that might imply a misleading message…

I Don't Wanna Wait Around Here

Mar. 30th, 2017 05:21 am
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I'm currently working on the next fic in the And Yet, Hayama Hayato Can Still Surprise series, a Hayama eyes' view of "Complicated" and some things Hachiman didn't know happened in that time frame, and the next piece of "Glass Houses," which is taking a lot longer to write without an IM listener and beta to bounce things off of.

Here's Hoping

Mar. 30th, 2017 01:57 am
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If everything goes as expected, I'll be seeing the Movie Sign With The Mads Live Show at The Creek & Cave at 10 p.m. in Long Island City with my roommate J.


So far I'm five episodes into Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto and finding it amusing. So, Sakamoto-kun: eldritch horror?


Mar. 29th, 2017 04:26 pm
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Indelibility of Allegiance (4235 words) by actonbell
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Agent Carter (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Edwin Jarvis/Howard Stark
Characters: Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark, background Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis
Additional Tags: Drunk Sex, Drinking, Oral Sex, Anal Fingering, Light Dom/sub, Top Howard, Sub Jarvis, Mildly Dubious Consent, Under-negotiated Kink, Orgasm Delay, the playing fields of Eton, Hair-pulling

Howard was familiar with this kind of gesture, how it went further than a touch on the arm or even the wrist but stopped short of tracing lips or cupping someone's face. It was an invitation that asked for further intimacies while granting them in return. Howard had seen this bold-and-hesitant move many times, in pubs, in dives, in darkened movie theatres, in quite a lot of hotel rooms, but not on this side of the Atlantic from a British soldier. Jarvis increased the pressure of his hold, not quite tugging but pulling Howard in, slowly, slowly, and if Howard had been less drunk, he would've probably said they should go to sleep, and if he'd been more drunk, he might have been asleep already, but he'd hit the golden sweet spot where all inhibitions dropped away and he was still in enough control of his body to fully enjoy that. The place where every Why turned effortlessly into Why not?

//slinks off to hide (it should be drawerfic. But "Post it!" they said. "It'll be fun!" they said)

I hate shopping

Mar. 29th, 2017 07:21 pm
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I am looking for a new hiking rucksack. My current one, although perfect in many ways, isn't quite large enough to hold ALL the backup layers I would like for winter walking, and there is no space for any extras such as the large first-aid kit or a coil of rope. (Also, it's starting to fray.)

So I'm in the market for a new one. Requirements:

  • 35 - 40 litres
    Rucksack size is a bit of a guessing game. The best way of finding out if a rucksack is the right size is to go to the shop with all your stuff and then load it into the new rucksack. And yes, I have found that sometimes all the items which come out of my 30L bag will not fit into a new 35L bag.
  • Fits me
    Rucksack designers, like clothes designers, assume that the standard human is either a supermodel or a long lean man. The standard rucksack shape is tall and narrow. I want a short rucksack (to fit my back). If the rucksack fits, it's usually too small (short and narrow). Ideally I want a rucksack which is short and WIDE.
  • Don't need special compartments
    A lot of people carry water in a plastic bladder with a tube so they can suck water as they walk. And a lot of rucksacks have a special bladder pocket at the front. Useless for me. I also want to avoid rucksacks with too many zips or double compartments. The waterproof trousers are always behind the other zip. No, the other other zip.
  • Pockets
    I want side pockets. Big side pockets which will hold a water bottle. Plenty of rucksacks have pockets, but they're usually big enough to hold a hanky and nothing else. And if you have a strap which goes OVER the pocket then that's broken design.
  • Colour
    Not pink. Or fuchsia. Or magenta. Please.
General mood = grumpy. I really haven't been having fun.

turlough: Quatre & Trowa & Heero & Duo & Wufei with space colony interior in the background ((gw) gundam boys)
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Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, Howard, Trieze, Une, Noin, Zechs, Relena
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: unknown
Artist Website/Gallery: unknown

Why this piece is awesome: I remember first first seeing these in 2003 when I was new to Gundam Wing. I loved them back then and found them just as charming when I recently stumbled upon them again. They're so cute and fun. I just want to cuddle them. My favourites are probably Howard, Noin, and the Quatre & Trowa pair, but all of them are just as adorable.

Link: The 'Infamous' Plushies by Dogmatix (scroll down almost to the bottom)

Into the Badlands 2.2

Mar. 29th, 2017 10:17 am
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 Even post-apocalyptic Wuxia manages to jump on the anti-Trump political commentary train.

spoilers )

Wednesday Reading

Mar. 29th, 2017 08:37 am
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I'm slowly reading Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older - it's YA, but still set in the Bone Street Rumba universe. (There was a small crossover in Midnight Taxi Tango.)

Sierra, the main character, is a high school artist working on a mural in her Brooklyn neighborhood when she notices that a mural portrait of one of her grandfather's deceased friends has changed its expression, which, creepy and cool! I love this book. I love the rich details of setting and culture, and I love the range of characters, and I love the fast-paced dialogue. And I love Sierra, whose policy about boys is "ignore, ignore, ignore."

The best thing about it is the role older people play in Sierra's life. Her grandfather is disabled from a stroke, but she interacts with many of his contemporaries in the neighborhood, which to me gives a richness you don't find when the teenaged protagonist only hangs out with other teenagers.

There's a sequel, Shadowhouse Fall, out in September. Yay!

Long way to go

Mar. 29th, 2017 03:09 pm
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Here are two periodical reminders that equality is a long way off:


An article which details the differences between 'boys' and 'girls' clothes. Spoiler: clothing for girls is less functional and less sturdy. It's also more likely to make the wearers uncomfortable.

The other day I was watching a primary school class run around the local park. In school uniform. Many girls wore shoes that did not seem to be made for running. Also, all of the girls but only some of the boys were running in their blazers.

The result was that girls in blazers and uncomfortable shoes were competing with boys in shirts and comfortable shoes. Guess who runs faster? Guess who takes home the message that they're good at sports? Guess who will find sports uncomfortable?

A female cook and a male cook work on a project together. It's way, way cool. A 'media/news company' ("Insider") makes a short, viral film about the genius guy and briefly mentions his female partner.


This is how women get erased. In this case, very deliberately.

Those chocolate geode eggs are way, way, WAY cool.

Daily Happiness

Mar. 29th, 2017 02:35 am
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1. All the people who were out sick last week seem to be back in shape now, and no one called out today.

2. The Panic concert was so good! I had a blast and will write it up in more detail tomorrow.

3. I love the look on Jasper's face here!

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I enjoyed this a lot more than Prince Lestat. No long chapter after another about a multitude of characters we haven't seen or have barely seen before and don't care about. A smaller cast means more time for the characters actually moving things. Fewer contemporary characters, good since Rice doesn't write dialogue I could imagine most contemporary people speaking. More things happen and at a better pace. It even picks up momentum at times. Lestat is a bit less obnoxious, and we don't have everybody talking about how wonderful he is all the time.

Some things change forever, in potentially interesting ways. Rice seems to have given some thought as to how her world works and started and what that means for the future.

There's more Louis, though he's not all that much like Louis anymore. He has some moments though.

Although the plot wasn't as goofy as I expected, there are still some things that come off a bit goofy, some of them partly because they go outside the genre Rice's vampire stories have been in. spoilers ) The other part... is that some of them are still kind of goofy.

But it's a mostly fun "borrow it from the library" read.

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