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[ profile] oyceter, why the hell did you have to go and link to that cherry blossom yarn sale in your LJ? Now I've managed to find the first knitted thing that I would actually wear, and I don't bloody have the time to learn to knit! Phooey on you! Steven Fry admonishes you! and how totally awesome would that be in this color?

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oooh, pretty! That does look like you!

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I think it would be even *more* awesome on me if I were thinner, because I might be able to convince myself to wear belted things again, so I might hold that out as a reward for getting down to ... some weight or other that I have yet to decide.

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Adorable! ...although you might want to make it in a sport-weight yarn that's cheaper than $16 ( a skein, because that stuff adds up fast. *weeps at the cruelty of the knitting design world, which neglects the plight of the size 16 knitter*

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Darn you for posting things that make me want to learn how to knit! XD

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You could learn to knit that. It wouldn't be that hard. And knitting is such a lovely stress reliever, and it lets you use up so much otherwise wasted waiting time. It'd be good for you. I could send you to a couple good sources for knitting classes!

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I couldn't make the time before A-Kon at the least, and I also want to wait to make any item of clothing until I figure out what size I'm eventually going to be, but maybe right about the end of the year I'll have the time and a reasonably stable size. At which point I may just be coming to you asking for those sources. :D Thanks!

I may buy the pattern anyway, and store it in a prominent position to inspire me to keep exercising and to learn to knit. XD

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*jaw drops* That is gorgeous. I'm tempted to buy the pattern as an inducement to get myself to learn to knit, even though I have no idea when I'd find the time to take classes (it would have to be classes; I've proven that I'm pretty hopeless with it already so I know I need help).
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Hee! Hey... you know, I knit, and I knit more than I could ever wear ;). Though you'd probably have to wait a reeaaaaalllly long time before it was done.

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Can I have one after hers? ;)
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I claim hypothetical spot number 3?
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If you don't mind buying the yarn (a cheaper yarn is fine as well)? Or actually, I don't mind buying the yarn, but being paid back would be good. Also, note the reaaaaaaalllly long time.

Hrm. Wow! I could knit for people if they just supplied me with yarn!

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You have discovered the way to feed your yarn addiction! XD

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I wouldn't want to have someone commit to make one while I was in a state of size flux, especially since I have no idea what size I'm going to be when this is all done. XD But once I get a bit more stable, if I haven't caved and learned to knit myself, I'll probably come make puppy-dog eyes at you. :D (thanks!)
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Yay, learn to knit!! That is even better! I would totally teach you if you were nearby.

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That stitch pattern looks a lot like the one used in the clapotis scarf/wrap ( which is a free pattern (, if you wanted to try your hand at something similar without having to worry about fit. Just saying.

I taught myself to knit entirely via the internet and library books a couple years ago. LJ's [ profile] knitting was very helpful, and I learned the basics most easily from Knitting in Plain English ( by Maggie Righetti, though at the time a lot of other people were raving about learning to knit with Stitch 'N Bitch ( or The Knitting Experience Series ( which were both new-ish at the time.

Speaking of time: not that you have any, I know. But the resources will still be there when you do. ~_^