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Does anyone know what search terms I can use to find the sort of outdoor rug/mat that I can just hose off when it's dirty, and can be left outside in sun, rain, and whatnot? "Outdoor rug" keeps getting me indoor/outdoor nicely woven rugs that I'd hesitate to hose down, when what I want is, I think, some sort of large plastic-ish mat that looks vaguely like a rug. The main purpose being mostly to protect the feet from deck splinters.

Context: after six years in this house we've finally splurged on patio furniture and therefore might actually start going outside occasionally. Naturally we've done so at the time of year when patio furniture is the most expensive.
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Things sort of like this? (I Googled "plastic mat outdoors.") Or are these too nicely woven ish?
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Oh, yeah, I wouldn't want to be hosing down sisal!

And my God, spot/dry clean??? I wouldn't even have that indoors, but then we are a spill and/or cat-hair-prone household. :p
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I remember boggling at my in-laws when they put in white carpet throughout their new condo. My daughter was one. Her oldest cousin was five. Three of their (then) four grandchildren lived within an hour's drive. What on earth were they thinking?
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Oh man, hope no one threw up Flintstone's vitamins or spilled Jello, etc....
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my mom bought one of those plastic rugs from QVC a few years back. it was nice but she gave it to her niece and now she wishes she had it back. They have a whole load of them right now--it's a polypropylene mat.

IKEA also has at least one:
it's in stock at all 3 Texas locations....
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It never happened that I saw, but I can't believe that it didn't. They babysat the other two local grandchildren regularly.

Maybe lots and lots of bleach?
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"rubber door mat"?

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Hmm. I think "door mat" might get me something small when what I want is on the order of 5x8' or 7x9'.

I have, at least, found a few at Target that say "weather resistant" although I'd have to go there and look at them to see if I'd feel comfortable hosing them off or not.