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I'm feeling vaguely guilty for just saying "Thanks!" and nothing else on the knitting suggestions but really, that post's for Toby. I just wanted y'all to know I was reading it and appreciated the suggestions. :)

I have also notified Toby of the existence of Meow Yarn, yarn dyed to resemble cat fur colors, and told him when he gets good enough I want something knitted from one of those. Notifying my mother, a weaver, of its existence has not produced anything yet so I am now dependent on my husband. XD
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Heh! That's adorable. I wish she had more info on the washing process, though, because I worry that all those people with dog yarn are going to wind up smelling like wet dog.
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I'm now realizing I have no idea how wet cat smells like because we've, uh, never had to throw poor Cloud into the bath...
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I don't know what wet cats smell like either, I realize. We have had to bathe the cat, but it was because he had been very sick and then spent two nights at the vet, so we had to bathe him because he already smelled like antiseptic and medicine and poor cat hygiene, and under that I have no idea what the actual fur did in reaction to water. Now I'm wondering if it doesn't really smell, or if it does and it's just that cat owners never really have it happen...
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The very first time I took Cloud to the vet for her Hi We Are Adopting This Cat checkup, I let the vet know that she was my First Cat and he gave me Useful Tips for First Cat Person, including "Cats are very clean. If she stays healthy you should never have to put her in water. Don't even try. Cats and water are hell on earth."

Dry Cloud-fur definitely has a smell, but it's sort of a very clean, pleasant smell and I pretty much can't detect it unless I put my face up in her fur (since I don't have a particularly acute sense of smell). It reminds me of dry grass for some reason.