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Well now

I spent the weekend at FenCon, and ended up selling 3 pieces, which mad enough money to cover the money I dropped on two pieces of pottery in the art show. :)

However, I cut Sunday short and headed back ASP after I could pick my unsold pieces up, because Toby texted me that he'd taken Nefer to an emergency vet that morning.

Basically, after he got up Sunday morning he noticed her dragging her right hind paw around, and it sticking out at a bad angle. He was terrified she'd broken it or something, and she didn't want him to look at it, so he looked up what emergency vets our vet recommended and took her to the closest.

They didn't find any evidence of a break--they manged to get clear x-rays without sedating her, which is a minor miracle, and there was good blood flow in the limb, so they shot her with a steroid and gave Toby painkillers and a CD with the x-ways on them and told us to take her in to our vet on Monday.

She wasn't limping quite so badly last night, but was still knuckling--basically, not getting her paw up flat on the floor as she walks. It also got better and worse as the amount of painkillers were in her system.

As her footing didn't seem too great on the laminate flooring, Toby cannibalized the bathrooms and doors of bathmats and doormats and laid out a trail running from our offices past the litterbox/laundry room, to the food and water bowls.

We got her into the vet this morning, and after examining her and watching her walk and looking at the X-rays, the vet's diagnosis is that it's not a stroke or a blood clot (no confusion, good blood flow), but that it may be a slipped disc or something in her spine that is a result of the really rather bad arthritis in her lumbar spine, which is perhaps causing her brain not to communicate too well with that foot.

We knew she had arthritis from her behavior the past year or so. We had NO idea how bad it was, which the x-rays showed.

Anyway, the treatment is that we're continuing to give her painkillers for a week, and for the arthritis we've started a regime of Adequan, which we are to inject twice a week for 4 weeks, then once a week, then once a month afterwards, I think (I'd have to double-check the directions they gave us). Hopefully she'll feel better.

OF COURSE I managed not to ask if the paw thing was temporary, permanent or a wait-and-see thing (I suspect wait-and-see). We'll be buying carpet runners if it looks to be more permanent, so she can go through the house without slipping.

And on another note, the x-rays revealed a bit of her past that I hadn't suspect. I got her when she was about a year old--she'd been brought into the shelter because she was fighting with a dog, and I knew nothing else about her. She has a small kink in her tail, possibly because it'd been broken or otherwise injured at one point, possibly just genetic. ANYWAY, the x-rays revealed that there is a small BB or pellet lodged in her tail, an inch or so away from her body. Somebody shot her! That may explain the tail kink (which is further away, so the BB is not what you feel), or may not.

We were originally going to take her to a specialist this week to get her evaluated for possible iodine irradiation therapy for hyperthyroidism, which the vet diagnosed her with a couple of weeks ago, but that's been postponed until we deal with the acute issue right now.
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Oh no, Nefer! Thinking good thoughts for y'all and the kitty.
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Oh, Nefer! ;_; Poor kitty! I hope she's able to start walking more normally/comfortably.
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Those do seem like good signs. ^_^
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Oh, man. Poor kitty. Keep us posted on how she's doing, okay?

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That's scary. I'm glad the vet had something for her. Hope it helps.

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Thanks. One of the possible diagnoses the emergency vet mentioned was saddle thrombus, which is apparently associated with hyperthyroid cats, and I made the mistake of looking that up while still at Fencon, which did not help me in the least! At any rate, she seems to be in nowhere near as much distress as she would be with that, and the vet doesn't think it's the case, so yay.
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I'm hoping Nefer will be feeling better and spryer soon.

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Thanks! She's definitely feistier now--wanted to go outside when we came home from work, batted something under the fridge, then later last night she saw Sora in a box, went over, and picked a fight with him. And is not shy at letting us know she's Very Unhappy with the painkiller we're giving her! (it's an oral medication we squirt in with a syringe, which is at least easier on all of us than a pill.)