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telophase ([personal profile] telophase) wrote2015-04-07 07:45 pm

Cat. Still organized.

I sat down at my computer just now, and checked to see if the quail was still in the basket, and...

It's now in the basket next to it! Toby still claims that he's not moving it, and even came in to look when I asked him about it.

I almost don't want to fill the baskets with stuff to see what Nefer does next.
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I'm not sure what I want most now: a cat, a quail, or a basket.

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Because: everything has its place.

And organizing? Srs. Cat Bsns. (period required)

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She quite often thinks the quail's place is in the bathtub.
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I know!

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I wish our cats would do that. Instead they seem to think that cat toys belong half way up the stairs where they will cause us to slip and fall to our deaths in the middle of the night.

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Before we turned the lights out, she retrieved it and brought it to our bedroom, yowling, and then dropped it in the doorway so that one of us could trip over it in the middle of the night. I moved it into the cardboard box that's sitting around the bedroom waiting for recycling day before crashing, so her master plan was foiled.

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Heh. I'm told they love us really. :D