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It was 18°F when we got up this morning. In Texas. And as it didn't occur to us to check the weather conditions before we went to bed, we didn't set taps to dripping and ... the cold water on my sink in the master bath does not work now. The cold water on Toby's sink in the same bathroom still works, as do the shower and tub, so we're a bit perplexed as to what, exactly, may have broken, but we're going on the assumption that 18°F weather and a frozen pipe possibly breaking is the culprit. The sink was fine at 5AM, as I washed my hands then.

At least we can call our own plumber and not whatever low bidder used by a management company. That's what finally spurred us to buy a house: the owner and the management company of the rental we were in weren't willing to invest the money to do proper repairs, so things would just break again.
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Oh my gosh! D: You know, I've experienced a lot of cold weather, and I've never had frozen pipes. I hope it's a really easy fix.
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Oooh! Do you have the pipes in the attic thing? Uninsulated pipes in the attic? When I was in grad school I roomed with a few people including a guy from Texas whose family had that, so when they got a hard freeze, once it melted: POW! Shower time!

I hope you don't have that. But if you don't know, um, check.
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This is mostly but not entirely an older-house thing, and older-builder thing. People started to stop doing it, he said, in the ... 1980s? I think? Not sure.

The reasoning was fairly sound when people didn't insulate attics; easier access for installation and repair both, and leaking heat from the house would keep it from freezing. Retrofit insulation, though, and, well, whups.
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Yeah, his parents' house was built about then, and was like that, and his grandmother's was built in 1948, and it was too, so I bet so. COLD SHOWER TIME O NOES XD
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Almost certainly cast iron, yep. I've seen that up here, too, and if it's on insulated concrete, it works fine. Sadly, sometimes they just set them on regular concrete, and, once again, O NOES. (And what a huge pain in the ass to remove!)
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new vs old

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And your electricity isn't funky! And things work!

Friends just moved into a newer house and my god we all went around counting the electrical outlets and ALL OF THEM ARE GROUNDED. And the plumbing! All of it works! Correctly! (Like, not hooked up backwards so you get frozen on "hot" and scalded on "cold"!)
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It was 15F here when I left for work.