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I just popped 300 into the computer to play and take screenshots of the cinematograph. The menu popped up and I automatically went for the Languages to make sure it was playing in the original Japanese. I think I've been watching quite a lot of foreign films lately...
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You know, if I'd known that ancient Sparta had been populated with Wargs, I'd have paid a whole lot more attention in history class.

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you irritated my sore throat with all the laughing i just did!
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300 in Japanese (, did you say?

*giggles and scampers off*
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Did you actually download it? The crack has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Especially the RANDOM INAPPROPRIATE HAMSTERS.

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Yup, downloading. Will take a look at it after I finish the movie. XD
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OMG YES this is one of the crackiest yaoi crackfests evar cracking its way out of cracktown. SO AWESOME

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You know - it took me a second to realize that 300 isn't a Japanese film. XD

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Ironically, the sound is a fraction of a second off, so it really feels like I'm watching a dub. XD

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