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If you're coming to ConDFW and haven't made hotel reservations, we need you to do so ASAP: we haven't made the room block (which is odd, as we have the same number of pre-reg that we usually do), and the con will be seriously in the hole if we don't, as in not being able to afford another year. (You can thank the Snowpocalypse for doing a number on our finances a couple of years ago.) PLEASE PASS THIS ON.

ETA: We're getting reports now that people trying to book are finding that it won't let them. Please screenshot (if you're online) and email the screenshot and/or a report to Amie Spengler at, so she has fodder for her Very Strong Words with the hotel tomorrow!
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One of my roommates registered and got a hotel room about a week ago but didn't do the con hotel block because the website said that he couldn't do so after the 31st and the difference in price between the con block and getting a room on his own was insignificant so he didn't bother to try to get the room through the con. Is there a way to switch? (Also, if the website still says you need to reserve your room by the 31st you might want to change that so others don't do the same thing.)

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Yes! He can call and ask them to put it on the room block, or he can cancel and re-make the reservation.

Arg--I forgot to change it on the actual hotel page. It's been all over the home page since the 31st. Thanks.

No, I take that back. The first line on the hotel page says EXTENDED UNTIL FEBRUARY 8TH.
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