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If you read my previous entry, I say I was out driving around and had my camera with me. This is why. They're putting a tollway through the area, and widening this particular road, which will eventually go under the tollway. There's an old railway bridge (no telling if it's in use or not; I haven't seen a train on it, but I don't go down the road that often) that isn't wide enough for the soon-to-be-widened road, not to mention that the dip underneath the bridge is a serious flash flood hazard, and so it's going to have to be demolished and rebuilt at some point. They're starting to put the orange barrels up in the area, so I expect the bridge to be demolished, or at the very least the road to be blocked off, any day now.

And there was something about this particular bridge that I wanted to preserve. It's not an especially attractive bridge, nor is the area picturesque. But it makes me smile every time I drive under it, and if you click on the cut, you will see the reason why. We went out for breakfast this morning, I brought my camera, and Toby drove slowly under the bridge on the way to and on the way back so I could document it.

I don't know who Ali is, nor do I know the anonymous artist. I don't even know how long it's been up there. Certainly since before we moved into the area in July 2011.

Here's the proposal closer up, so you can see the details (such as they are):

As you can see, that's not a year. I think "2 ∞ + ↑" may mean "To infinity and beyond." :)

Anyway, I like to see that: it's so optimistic and hopeful and romantic in that way that you get in high school and early on. I like to think that Ali and the artist got married and are still deliriously happy.

Now for sitting through that, here's some accidental art I made. Toby was sitting in the passenger seat of his car, fishing something out of the glove compartment, illuminated only by the overhead light in the car. I snapped a picture knowing full well that it wouldn't come out because it was too dark, and it required too long of an exposure for me to hold the camera steady. The picture I saw didn't come out, but what did come out looks kind of creepy and cool.

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Awww, I hope they did get together^^
and that last picture is *great*--wonderfully spooky!

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Thank you! :D