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May. 15th, 2014 04:21 pm
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If you're unaware of it, HDR (high dynamic range, I think) photographs are pics in which you take two exposures of a scene, one so that the darkest areas of the scene are exposed correctly, and one so that the lightest areas of the scene are exposed correctly, and then stitch them together in a program or app of some sort. Often the results are also super-saturated, and many people think that the effect is way overdone.

I don't care what they think. :D I have also just bought an app for my phone that does all the work for me.

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Some photos of yesterday's outing to the local Renaissance festival. Being me, I don't really take photos of the various people dressed up, mostly because I dressed that way myself for years in the SCA and it's kind of old hat to me, for the most part. Instead...

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Jan. 20th, 2013 11:14 am
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If you read my previous entry, I say I was out driving around and had my camera with me. This is why. They're putting a tollway through the area, and widening this particular road, which will eventually go under the tollway. There's an old railway bridge (no telling if it's in use or not; I haven't seen a train on it, but I don't go down the road that often) that isn't wide enough for the soon-to-be-widened road, not to mention that the dip underneath the bridge is a serious flash flood hazard, and so it's going to have to be demolished and rebuilt at some point. They're starting to put the orange barrels up in the area, so I expect the bridge to be demolished, or at the very least the road to be blocked off, any day now.

And there was something about this particular bridge that I wanted to preserve. It's not an especially attractive bridge, nor is the area picturesque. But it makes me smile every time I drive under it, and if you click on the cut, you will see the reason why. We went out for breakfast this morning, I brought my camera, and Toby drove slowly under the bridge on the way to and on the way back so I could document it.

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Now for sitting through that, here's some accidental art I made. Toby was sitting in the passenger seat of his car, fishing something out of the glove compartment, illuminated only by the overhead light in the car. I snapped a picture knowing full well that it wouldn't come out because it was too dark, and it required too long of an exposure for me to hold the camera steady. The picture I saw didn't come out, but what did come out looks kind of creepy and cool.
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Continuing on from my previous post, in which there were a bunch of pics of animals (not just fish!) at the Dallas aquarium.

These were taken with Toby's phone--most by him, some by me.

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Went to the Dallas World Aquarium with [livejournal.com profile] puppleball and a few other friends today. Pictures below the cut.

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There will probably be more later, as Toby sent me the pics from his phone.


Sep. 2nd, 2011 03:20 pm
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I was pointed to this site, AfricanDigitalArt.com, and most especially this post, a selection of stunning B&W portraits of African people from a number of different tribes and regions. Also: the photographer's Flickr site.

Warning for subtle and minor cultural/artistic nudity.
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Link found on Facebook - tips for shooting cosplay photos at cons. What I really like is the links to the shots - some of the best cosplay photography I've seen.
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I ran across this blog post this weekend, but didn't get around to posting it 'til now. Via Strobist, a photography lighting blog. It's a video of a fashion shoot by Nick Turpin for Men's Health magazine - they stopped people on the streets of London and shot them using a portable setup - one digital camera and an off-camera flash with a snoot. A snoot is something that restricts where light goes - most flashes and lights throw the light fairly wide, but if you want to spotlight or highlight certain areas of a photo while leaving the rest in shade, a snoot works wonders. Anyway, the video's worth watching if you're a photographer or artist or just curious, and the resulting photographs are beautiful.

If you want to make your own snoot for cheap, try Strobist's tutorial or DIY Photography's tutorial.

Noting for my own info: the boom the remote flash is on is a paint roller extender from a hardware store/DIY center. :)
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Reeeeally nice pics, this time! I found a tutorial online on how to make a cheeeap light tent to photograph small items, and although I didn't have a desk lamp quite strong enough for the best results, Photoshop filled in the rest. :)

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It's photos like the ones in the Best of China Landscape pool on Flickr that make me want to go to China.

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