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Toby's been infusing vodka off and on for a couple of years now. At the moment, he's got one going with sweet limes, strawberries, and, I think, Caracara oranges. (And a touch of sugar.) (edit: And limequats!)

I've just put my first effort to infuse--we'd bought some pecans at a farmer's market a couple of weeks ago, so I toasted them in a frying pan, then chopped them up and put them in a Mason jar with a vanilla bean we had leftover from making ice cream, and filled it with vodka. It smells wonderful right now--hopefully it'll infuse nicely. :)

The things I can see online about infusing nuts say that it tends to take longer than fresh fruits, up to a month, so it should be ready in time for ConDFW.
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Which brand of vodka do you use? I've made vanilla extract using Russian Standard, but I'm curious what others use.