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Student loan status: PAID OFF!

We'd been on track to pay them off in 2013, but Toby's boss paid an unexpected bonus this year, so we opted to wipe them out. We'd also been paying way ahead on the loans (enough that my next actual payment was due in 2022!), so we're switching that money into a savings account to build up a nice down payment on a car, and once that's done, in September or so, it'll get switched to paying into savings or retirement or something BORING and ADULT like that because we're no longer in our twenties and immortal. :D

If I start musing about how nice it would be to go back to school and get a PhD or some such, please stop me. You are authorized to use deadly force.
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Congratulations! Retiring debt is an awesome feeling.
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That's wonderful--congratulations!
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Congratulations! What a beautiful way to begin 2013. Free of that millstone.
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2) DO NOT OMG GO BACK AND GET A PHD. It is terrible and also expensive and quite misery making.
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Yes, all of that. Oh gods, all of that.

Also, congratulations on the loan payoff. ^_^
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Congratulations! Mine have something like 10 years to go.

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Thank you! I've had these for over 15 years, so it feels GREAT to get rid of them.

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Congratulations! No longer shall that dreaded spectre loom over your shoulder (unless you go again).

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Thank you!

And if I try to go again ... aaaauuuggghh!!

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Woo and a yay! *waves a little flag in your honour* I am awed at your dedication and forward planning. :D

At the rate I'm going with mine I think they'll be officially written off before I even start earning enough to begin paying them back! It's already been 5 years and the terms of my loan indicate that if I earn less than £15,000 for 15 years (or become 60+, whichever comes first) then I'm clearly a lost cause and they cut their loses.

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Thank you! Although due to my career choices (museums, then libraries) the ability to put those plans into action is mostly owed to moving in with then marrying someone who makes more money than I do. XD (It's weird: I spent so long on the edge, paying off debt and, I admit, making bad choices, that now when there's enough money to do what we need and, provided it's reasonable and planned for, what we want that it feels bizarre.)

The US student loan program doesn't have anything like that as far as I know, but there's talk of passing something that will allow students to write off their debt after X amount of years if they've been paying on it, IIRC.
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Congratulations indeed! May all your financial planning pan out as well.

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Thank you!

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Nice! Congrats.