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telophase ([personal profile] telophase) wrote2017-03-29 03:47 pm

So what arrived?

In a previous entry I said we'd bought patio furniture, which was scheduled to be delivered by FedEx today, bu that FedEx claimed the shipment consisted of one box a foot square and 9" deep, with a weight of three pounds.

Toby was convinced that we'd somehow bought expensive dollhouse furniture. I was convinced that what we were going to get was a box with the warranty and some cleaning fluid in it (that's happened before when we bought furniture).

On the way home from dropping documents by our tax lady, we got a notification from FedEx that our shipment had been delivered, so the drive home was a bit tense as we wondered what awaited us.

So what arrived...?

YAY OUR FURNITURE ARRIVED! What you see above is about 2/3 of the boxes. And NOT A SINGLE BOX was 12" x 12" x 9" with a weight of three pounds. We did get one envelope with a lonely ottoman cushion cover in it. But above seems to be flatpacked wicker furniture, consisting of a 3-piece sectional, 2 armchairs, 2 ottomans, and possibly a separate side table, but I forget. (We wanted it to seat 7 as when the entire family is over, we have that many people.)

We bought a separate table from a different store and are going to pick it up in a couple of hours--it's a dining table, but it's a bit lower than usual so it works when you're sitting in these type of chairs, so it can double as a dining table when we're cooking out or a coffee table if we're just sitting around.

Next purchases on the list: outdoor rugs/mats and one of those umbrellas whose base is off to the side.

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