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Our favorite restaurant is doing a special Valentine's Day 3-course dinner, so I've just made reservations for it. Mmmmmm.


First Course
Sampling of Our Finest Appetizers
Warm Lobster Bisque Shooter, Venison Tartare, Oyster Texasfeller,
Crispy Fried Quail Leg, and Elk and Green Chile Cheese Grit Mini Taco

Second Course
The Perfect Marriage of Land and Sea
Fresh Herb and Dijon Scented
Roasted Tenderloin
Alongside Seared Diver Scallops
Topped with Dill Beurre Blanc
Served with Crabmeat Potatoes au Gratin
and Sautéed Broccolini

Third Course
His and Hers Chocolate Lover's Surprise Molten Chocolate Lava Cake
with Cajeta Ice Cream and White Chocolate Snow
Dark Chocolate Mousse
Layered Between Two Thin Slices of
Flourless White Chocolate Cake
and Served with Raspberry Sauce
Paired with a Glass of Sparkling Rosa Regale

This is the place where the chef makes his recipes available to anyone who asks: you just email his restaurant and they send it to you. He's also got 2 cookbooks (which we both own). Also, the dress code, well, "dress code," is "Fort Worth Fancy," which means in practice that you can wear whatever you want and as long as it's not scaring the cows* you're fine, and it somehow doesn't bring down the tone. We tend to dress up because we pretty much go nowhere else that calls for dressing up, although our dressing up is the rest of the world's business casual.

* Figure of speech. No actual cows are present except in pieces on plates.
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I can see why!

Come to that, it's been ages since we've been to one of the gazillion seafood/Cajun/Creole restaurants in Baton Rouge.

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Nothing wrong with business casual. It's nice to wear "fancy" clothing every once in a while, but I'm one of those people who'd be too stressed out about wearing something too nice/ expensive in case I managed to spill something all over myself (typical ocurrance) to properly enjoy the experience of going out. A nice top and not-sweats-or-jeans is about my limit too. ^^

Also does a quail leg even count as an appetiser? I can't help but think crispy frying one for even a second would make it shrivel up to something resembling a single pork scratching. XD

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I've the quail legs before from here, and they're good! Yeah, they're tiny, but somehow they're cooked properly so they're not dry little scraps. Bonnell also understands that what you want in a fried leg of something is the coating, so it's quite good, and somehow doesn't overwhelm the quail leg.

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Ahh, I see. Sounds good. In fact it all sounds delicious. I hope you manage to survive your month of anticipation without becoming too wistful. :D

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Sounds tasty!

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Cannot wait!