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trapped in an HOA meeting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

send help

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Threat level: ZOMBIES
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a day late to the party, i hope it's over by now.
Special Assessmeeeeeeeennnnnttt noooooooO~

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Yeah, when I went house-hunting one of the deal-killers was an HOA - fell solidly in the category of Do Not Want.

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We really didn't want one, either, but it turned out that if we wanted recent construction, and not have to do renovation or deal with old infrastructure, it was either an HOA or move farther away from my job than we were willing (20 minutes by car was my max, and we're at that: it's 16 min in the morning to get to work, and 30 min in the evening coming home).

We asked for a copy of the HOA agreement before making an offer, and read it over carefully before making the decision. It's not too bad, as far as these things go. (Alas, we cannot park a hovercraft in the driveway.)

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Argocracy - rule by those with nothing better to do than sit in meetings.

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It turned out better than last year. Last year there was about an hour of one-sided arguing over the wall that NTTA was going to put in to separate the community from the tollway going in. One-sided because the NTTA rep that was there was OF COURSE not going to say "You're right, we should put in a brick wall instead of this wire fencing we're showing you now," in that meeting no matter how many times the people who were up in arms about it repeated themselves over and over and over and over and......

Anyway, as we have a middle school in the middle of the community less than a block from the parkway, it was just a matter of complaining up the chain of command to get the more substantial wall, because it was a case when "BUT THINK OF THE CHILDREN!" held full merit. A sample of the wall going in this spring was on display at the meeting this year (I think it's concrete with a treatment that makes it resemble stone blocks), and nobody had any major complaints about anything.

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How big is your HOA? Ours is very small, only about 24 lots. We are supposed to have a meeting every year but haven't had one in maybe a couple years now. As far as I'm concerned, we don't need to meet annually unless there is a proposal for a dues increase (we pay $300/year).

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I think there's 150-200 houses here, but only about 50 people ever show up to the meetings. We barely make a quorum each time. :)

Toby and I attend just so we don't get blindsided by anything stupid.