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Sora has learned to open regular doors, not just the bathroom doors. Toby told me when I got home that he'd twice found a closet door standing open when he was sure it had been closed, and I jsut watched Sora open the closet door in my office.

We keep all doors to the outside of the house locked anyway, so we're not worried about that. But we now have to cat-proof the closets and make sure there's nothing he can get to that's dangerous.

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Honey, Sora is SLOW. My cats got the door thing down before they were full-grown. I don't pee alone unless it's in a bathroom stall.

Baby locks - or you can use a zip tie that goes over the knobs and is fixed to another knob or a hook in the wall.

Mine get in freaking KITCHEN CABINETS.

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He's only been in a house with lever doors instead of knobs or slidy doors for two years! We may end up baby-proofing the house the way we've had to baby-proof the stove.

The cats don't really show that muc interest in the kitchen cabinets. THey occasionally paw at the bathroom cabinets, but usually pick the side with the hinges to try, so they don't get very far. But they're noisy enough that Toby had to use Velcro cable ties to fasten the cabinets in the bathroom nearest his office shut, because the sound of the cats pawing at the cabinets was driving him up the all.

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The Late, Great Wimsey was the Cabinet King of the Universe. He used to get in the bathroom cabinets in the master bath. You'd be lying there and here "thump-th-thump" two or three times when he pulled the door open. Then he'd sleep amongst the hand towels.

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Morris learned to open all kinds of things and promptly taught the other cats in the house. He was the cat who got around Mom's decree about the cats not being allowed to eat out of the other cats' bowls by turning his head to look in the opposite direction, "accidentally" swiping dry food bits out of another cat's bowl onto the floor with a paw, and then eating it off the floor. We also had to make sure the door on the dryer was really shut because he loved to lie inside it. Mom once threw clothes in, turned it on, and only realized from the weird noises that we had a cat inside. It was on for about two minutes, and Morris came out dazed but uninjured.