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Scenes From This Morning

NATURE: *thundersnow*

ME: Look Sora! Outside! It's all white! Look! *taps on window*

SORA: Shut up, woman, I've gotta pay attention to That Guy*, who is making noise in the kitchen!

ME: *opens door* Look Nefer! Snow!

NEFER: *sniffs tentatively* IT IS COLD I DO NOT APPROVE

* We have a running joke that to Sora, I and Toby are "Mama" and "That Guy." I am definitely Sora's Favorite Human, and while Sora will actually solicit attention from Toby, it's only when I'm not home.
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Then there were my cats' reaction to snow:

Cats: "Oh my god oh my god oh my god, let me out!"

Five minutes later... or less: "HOLY CRAP, LET ME IN NOW, IT'S COLD AND WET!"

And with Stormy, we'd have to try to get the snow/ice balls out of her stomach fur.

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I'm quite happy that Nefer didn't want to go outside! We don't let them out anyway, but we usually have to keep alert for Nefer trying to get out, and yesterday she walked right up to the threshold, stared, then turned around and left.
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We let them outside when we lived in a closed community in the backwoods of northeastern Pennsylvania that had no car traffic aside from the few people who lived there. They were all adopted cats, and all of them were accustomed to going outside from previous owners. Morris in particular would start yowling at the door at 6 a.m. to go out. *g*

When we brought him to live in Queens he stayed indoors, and believe me there he had no urge to go outside. The nearly perpetual traffic in the very nearby street was easily audible indoors.