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Charity Auction: John M. Ford Book Set

As we are moving in just a few weeks, I'm offloading items and I happen to have collected a small bunch of John M. Ford books, which tend to go well in charity auctions, I note.

So I'm auctioning them off in one set. What charity? Your choice.*

If you're undecided, I suggest the Friends of the Minneapolis Public Library, which has a John M. Ford Book Endowment (although I can't find mention of it on their site right now), or some deserving teacher and students on Donors Choose.


  1. The books come in ONE SET. Bids for individual books will be ignored. (because I have to pack and mail a bunch of other stuff and can't face mailing them separately. Feel free to pool together with someone else if you only want one or two and they want others, but only one of you should bid, and I'm mailing the books to that person.)

  2. All bids and comments should be on the Dreamwidth post, as you can post there with your LJ ID.

  3. Bid with a comment TO THE PREVIOUS BID naming your charity and the amount you bid (in U.S. dollars - if you're in another country, convert your bid to US dollars so I can compare easily.)

  4. Auction ends midnight Central time the night of Sunday, July 3rd. (6 AM GMT July 4th). Highest bid wins.

  5. I'll notify the highest bidder on Monday, July 4th. You then donate to the charity and forward me proof - an email receipt, screenshot, etc. You can black out personal or private information. I'll mail the books as soon as I can after that.

  6. The books are used, in used-bookstore shape and two are ex-library books that were weeded from collections somewhere. These are books to be read and loved, rather than collected and not touched.

  7. I'll mail anywhere in the world, but won't guarantee you'll get them due to vagaries of various post offices in and out of the U.S. You may need to wait a bit longer for me to send them out of the US as I have to go to the post office when it's open to fill out a customs form.

  8. Feel free to ask me question in the comments.

  9. Pass the info on!

The books are:

  1. The Dragon Waiting, mass market paperback

  2. The Princes of the Air, mass market paperback

  3. Two copies of Web of Angels, two different mass market paperbacks, one ex-library

  4. The Last Hot Time, hardback, probably first edition as I got it when it came out

  5. From the End of the Twentieth Century, hardback, ex-library

  6. Heat of Fusion and Other Stories, hardback

* Trolls offering to donate to organizations I find morally repugnant excepted.

[personal profile] tool_of_satan 2011-06-27 08:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I only need one of these (for low values of need - I want a backup copy of Web of Angels), so I am hoping other people will jump on this. You could post to nemesis_draco on LJ? (Or I could if you'd prefer not to.)

[personal profile] tool_of_satan 2011-06-28 06:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Done, although it has to be approved by a moderator.

[identity profile] 2011-07-06 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
Shall I make the donation?