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UK Compared to the Size of the US

I found this site comparing the UK to the US just now, and the map was quite interesting. (I have no idea if the statistics are true or not) I grabbed a screenshot of the UK centered on Texas, to give you a idea of how big it is.

So. You see Fort Worth there? That's where I live. See Bryan, down south and a little east? That's where my mom lives, a 3 to 3.5 hour drive (depending on traffic). See Houston, even father southeast? That's where [ profile] myrialux's job is - although he telecommutes, he still has to go down there periodically. About 4 hours-ish.

San Antonio is where I was to university, about 3.5 hours from Bryan. Victoria, where my grandparents live, is about 3 hours southwest of Bryan.

Nuevo Laredo, on the border, is where my group of friends used to go once a year, rent a hotel room on the US side, and go across the border to a bar a block or two away from the border, then stagger back late at night. :) We do it no more because of the drug-gang violence and a possible serial killer in the area (reputed to be working there before the drug violence started, but it might just be more drug-gang violence). And yes, we'd drive there from Dallas/Fort Worth.

And people wonder why I'm willing to spend all sorts of time on trains traveling around the UK. Where I'm from, it's a minimum of 3 hours to go anywhere and you have to drive yourself! It's sheer luxury to sit in a seat and let someone else do the driving while you get to watch unfamiliar scenery go by. So it's not on time? Who cares! It's a vacation!

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Interesting. When the UK is centered on the Silicon Valley, the most northerly point is somewhere around Yreka near the Oregon border, and that lower rightmost corner is in Oxnard. The UK doesn't even reach all the way down to Los Angeles. The equivalent distance northward I've driven is up somewhere in the upper third of Scotland.
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Oh, and the Valley gets placed somewhere near Liverpool.