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A comment I left in [personal profile] rachelmanija's recent post on portal fantasy, in response to one wondering if portal fantasy is coming out of Japan these days:
A quick trawl through the most recent four seasons of anime on Crunchyroll shows nothing I'd immediately recognize as classic portal fantasy. There are three shows that involve going through a portal into an another world, but that world is a video game (Digimon Xros Wars [an iteration of a long-running property], Hunter x Hunter [ditto], Sword Art Online).

There's one or two which are more time-travel than true portal, although the time may not be quite real history.

There are TWO, count 'em TWO anime in which historical Japanese Great Men [tm] are somehow highschool girls. THEY HAVE WRITTEN THEIR OWN AU FANFIC OF HISTORY. Never change, Japan.

It's almost an anticlimax to see the one about an elementary school boy who looks like an adult paired up with a highschool girl who looks like an elementary student or the one where a teacher starts work and discovers his students are all anthropomorphized assault rifles.

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Get your kid out of bed, dressed, fed, bento made, and ready for school in less than 5 minutes! Looks like a Japanese television show. Who's surprised? :)

P.S. The best parts of that video, and the video linked beneath it, are the no-hands-pants method of getting dressed. XD
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[ profile] baka_neko lets us all know that Princess Diana manga manhua exists. (See comments on LJ version of the post - it's Chinese.)

Oh, Japan.

And [ profile] vito_excalibur presents Vito's Unauthorized Puppet Theatre about the recent Realms of Fantasy cover brouhaha.

Oh, Japan

Jan. 21st, 2009 08:46 am
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Obama action figure from Japan. I think I especially like the pose with the katana and wakizashi.

Apr. 14th, 2008 03:51 pm
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Japan does bring the crack, doesn't it? Let's Bible!
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Via [ profile] kyuuketsukiuri: there's a manga called either "Saint Young Men" or "The Saint Brothers," which can best be summed up as Jesus and Buddha rooming together in Tachikawa in the modern day.

It's not yaoi, and we're not going there. :D
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I think my favorite bit is actually the commentors arguing over the correct honorific for poo.

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