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A bit of background for those of you unfamiliar with the Wii video game system. You create a cartoony avatar called a Mii for yourself and you can customize it to look like yourself or whoever you want. Here's a Flash simulation that makes something pretty close to a Mii. As the Wii is able to connect to the intartubes, you can set it so that your friends' Miis hang out on your machine and some games, like Wii Fit Plus, use those Miis in the background as crowd members or other random characters. And what I didn't know until some point last week was that you can also set your Wii to allow random Miis from the intarweebs to wander onto your Wii and be used in the same way.

So at some point last week, I'm playing the marching band game on Wii Fit Plus, where you march in time to some music and shake your controller at certain points as your Mii marches around a town square, dressed as a bandleader and twirling a baton. Other Miis cheer you on in the background. I'm marching away, and in the background I catch a glimpse of ... wait, is that Hitler? As my Mii marches around the square again, I look in the background and ... yeah, that Mii does look an awful lot like Hitler.

So after I finish working out - Hitler doesn't show up in any of the other games - I go over to [ profile] myrialux and ask which of our friends made the Hitler Mii? He doesn't know, so we go back over, put on the Mii Channel and he does the lineup of our friends - no Hitler. That's the point at which he explains the "random Mii wandering onto your Wii" thing to me. :) He goes to the Mii parade, where all the Miis in your Wii march by the screen, and sure enough, here comes Hitler. [ profile] myrialux selects it, and whoever made that Mii had named it "Der Fuhrer". So [ profile] myrialux deleted it.

The funny bit about deleting it is that to select a Mii, the cursor on the screen grabs it by the head and you move it to a Delete button as the arms and legs struggle, which was quite satisfying in this case.

I do now have an urge to make Doctor Who Miis (we've got a Ten made in Rock Band), but haven't gotten around to doing that.
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...but I did do the Wii Fit Plus for 15 minutes and (it claims) 106 calories.

I went ahead and redid my stats - as you may recall, the last time I did this, the Wii thought I weighed twelve pounds because Nefer sat on the balance board at just the wrong time. So it now thinks I had a humongous weight gain in two months, my Mii is back to rotund, and it's very, very sad that I did not reach my goal, which was to remain at my previous BMI. The feline BMI.

I did get photographs! Will post when I get 'round to taking them off the camera.
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I had a $10 coupon at Best Buy, and [ profile] myrialux had $15, so on this weekend we went and poked around trying to find something to spend our money on. He ended up with a Blue-Ray version of Hot Fuzz, and I got a copy of Wii Fit Plus.

I set Wii Fit Plus up in the Wii* and got ready to go. I thought I'd redo the settings, as it had been almost exactly a year since I did the settings on Wii Fit, and did so. Or tried. The first time I moved or something, and it didn't take my weight, so asked me to get off the balance board and get back on to try again. Only, Nefer walked across the balance board and stopped on it for long enough that it took her weight. And I couldn't tell it to go back and try again, and I didn't want to go through the whole setup thing again, so left it.

Yes, Wii Fit Plus now thinks I weigh twelve pounds. It congratulated me on my weight loss, although fretted a bit that I might have done it too fast for safety, and slimmed my Mii** down to a stick. The only problem here is that when it estimates calories spent, it estimates them for someone who weighs 12 pounds, and thus 5 minutes of fairly high-intensity stepping*** burns only 1 calorie.

I am debating leaving my weight at 12 pounds. I'm not sure I can face the Wii's disappointment when it finds I have suddenly gained a massive amount of weight. :D

(You'd think they'd have programmed something in that goes "Huh. You seem to have lost XX amount of weight in a year and now weight about the same amount as an average cat or small dog. Let's try weighing again, shall we?")

* for values of "I" that mean "[ profile] myrialux did it for me".

** For those of you unfamiliar with the Wii, a Mii is an avatar that looks like you. My original one was nicely rotund.

*** I was bicycling around an island.

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